National Association of Hispanic Nurses: Phoenix Chapter

To our Community Partners,

Our work with you has never been more important. We have built a strong membership because of your support and this helps us work towards improving the health of Arizona communities, especially in areas that are most needed. Many of you so generously “welcome” us into your organizations, host and sponsor monthly meetings where we have an opportunity to learn about the important work that you do in health care and health education. For more than 10 years, we have had partners that also contribute to our annual scholarship fundraising event so that we can continue to mentor and provide financial support for nursing students at all stages of their academic career. As a valued community partner, our collaborations with you will continue to be embedded throughout our initiatives. We are celebrating our work together and are interested in learning how we can strengthen our partnership to shape the future of nursing and the health of our community. Consider ways in which our mutual support can also help the work that you do, including assisting at your community events, providing letters of support for grants, or promoting employment and academic opportunities among our members through our chapter newsletter and website. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or ideas about how we can continue to work together. Thank you so much on behalf of our board, members, and community.

Our Sponsors & Partners