Locally, nationally and internationally, the National Association of Hispanic Nurses: Phoenix Chapter is a vocal advocate for the hungry and displaced. We travel to every corner of the globe to help children and families in need.

Message from the President:
Dear NAHN Phx Members and Guests,

It is with great honor that I am serving as your president for the 2018-2020 term. There have been so many great leaders before me. This is evident in the commitment by our board of directors and members to give back to the community and the advancement of the nursing profession.

I have been a member of the NAHN-Phoenix Chapter since 2005. I have served as treasurer, community outreach chair and education committee chair. What keeps me coming back and engaged in this organization? The members. I love the comradery and the lifelong friends I have made within this organization. I look forward to serving as your president and sharing my passion to bring education to our members to provide the best quality and culturally competent care to the communities we work and serve.

With growth, comes opportunities. We have so many opportunities to educate our community about the health needs of the Hispanic people. We will be working with the  Memory String Alliance and Latino’s Against Alzheimer’s to bring a growing awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease in the Latino population. We also have a grant: The Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA). This grant has afforded the NAHN Phoenix Chapter to educate high school and middle school students about how to prepare for a career in nursing. There are so many opportunities to get involved. By attending monthly meetings you will learn about events NAHN Phoenix Chapter is involved or visit this website.

Best to you all.

Lori Murphy, MSN, RN
National Association of Hispanic Nurses: Phoenix Chapter

Empowering Hispanic Nurses and the Community Since 1991

Without the support of our partners, we could not do the activities and events that we do today. Thank you!

We believe that with a strong membership and network, we can help promote and advance the health care in the Hispanic community, but that all begins with you! 


In lieu of flowers being sent, Berthas family has requested that a donation made to Bertha Sepulveda's Memorial scholarship fund through NAHN Phoenix Chapter. Click the link below if you wish to donate!

National Association of Hispanic Nurses: Phoenix Chapter

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